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Teen knocked down by turning bus

$12.3 million verdict


Worker fell 25 feet in unsafe workplace

$8.9 million verdict


Patient dies from untreated medical condition

$5.7 Million Verdict


Car crash led to cervical and lumbar spine injury

$11.6 million verdict


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Verdicts List

  Construction Accident: Construction worker fell 25-30 feet Verdict: $8,510,000   Construction Accident: Construction worker fell 20-25 feet Verdict: $6,300,000   Construction Accident: Construction worker fell off scaffold Settlement: $5,500,000   Pedestrian Knockdown: Woman struck by a motor vehicle Verdict: $12,335,000   Motor Vehicle Accident: Question of who passed red light at Intersection Settlement: $3,300,000   Motor Vehicle Accident: Shoulder injury Verdict: $1,400,000   Premises Liability Slip/Fall: Knee Injury Verdict: $1,500,000   Motor Vehicle Accident: Head Injury – Plaintiff returns to work full duty in 4 months Verdict: $5,500,000   Construction Accident: Construction Worker fell off one level of scaffold to another level Settlement: $4,000,000   Pedestrian Knockdown:...

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$37 million verdict for mentally disabled man shot by police

Verdict: $37,000,000 FACTS & ALLEGATIONS A 50-year-old car wash employee with a mental disability in Queens, New York, was shot by police officers who happened to be patrolling the area. The plaintiff, who spoke only Spanish and possessed the mental ability of a nine-year-old, was shot twice in the chest after police officers spotted what looked like a gun in his clothing.

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Collision with City pay-loader led to neck and back injuries

Verdict: $11,600,000 FACTS & ALLEGATIONS A 38-year old Bronx resident and plaintiff of this case was driving along Morris Park Avenue, when his vehicle collided with a pay-loader owned by the City of New York and the NYC Parks & Recreation. The plaintiff sustained injuries of the back and neck.

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Untreated arterial condition turned fatal

Verdict: $5,700,000 FACTS & ALLEGATIONS A woman developed recurrent severe headaches. She was evaluated by several internists, Drs. James Chin, Krishna Sai Perumareddi and Veronique Toyloy, but her headaches persisted.

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Plaintiff claimed car crash’s injuries ended career aspirations

Verdict: $1,400,000 FACTS & ALLEGATIONS  A 27-year-old man was driving on Eastern Parkway, near its intersection at Atlantic Avenue, in the Ocean Hill section of Brooklyn. As he proceeded through the intersection, his vehicle collided with a vehicle that was being driven by another man. The first man, our client, claimed that he sustained injuries to his back, knee, neck and shoulder.

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Car crash’s parties disputed status of traffic signals

Veredict: $3,300,000 FACTS & ALLEGATIONS A 43-year-old police officer and our client, was driving on the eastbound side of East Tremont Avenue, in the Bronx. As he crossed the intersection of the Cross Bronx Expressway’s service road, he was broadsided by a van. The plaintiff's vehicle was pushed to a sidewalk, and the office claimed that he sustained injuries of his neck and back.

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Car crash’s parties disputed status of lights veredict

Verdict: $10,000,000 FACTS & ALLEGATIONS The plaintiff, a 77-year-old woman, was driving on Bath Avenue, near its intersection at 25th Avenue, in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. As she proceeded through the intersection, her vehicle struck the right side of a public bus, which was traveling on 25th Avenue. The plaintiff claimed that she sustained injuries of a leg and her neck.

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Worker claimed 25 foot fall led to fusion of spine

Verdict: $8,900,000 FACTS & ALLEGATIONS Our client, a 31-year-old construction worker, was working at a site located in Suffolk County. He was asked to disassemble a scaffold. The scaffold’s platform planks collapsed while he was standing on them and he fell a distance of some 25 feet. The plaintiff claimed that he sustained injuries of his back and neck. He sued the premises’ owners, Sentinel Diversified Industries Inc. and Sentinel Strategic Properties Inc.

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Teen knocked down, crushed by turning bus

Verdict: $ 12,335,000 FACTS & ALLEGATIONS An 18-year-old college student was struck by a public bus. The incident occurred on 70th Street, near its intersection at Eighth Avenue, in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. The bus struck the left side of her body, and she was knocked onto the pavement. As she was attempting to crawl away, the bus rode over her right leg. She sustained crushing injuries.

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